Second Edition (2010 Reprint)

The second edition of the book was published by Bios in 2005. In the original book we had set ourselves the imaginary task of writing a guide book for a complete novice, who was stranded on a desert island with his or her slides and microscope with no recourse to outside help. On the whole our readers have told us that we have succeeded in doing this. An interesting fact is that a number of companies who write stereology software include a copy of this book as part of the background reading for new users.

Over the past four years we have collected feedback on small errors in the second edition of the book and we have been busy re-typesetting the second edition.

To make this reprint of the second edition available we have set up our own imprint, QTP Publications and the book is now available (ISBN 978-0-9565132-0-5).

As a taster you can download a sample PDF of Chapter 1 from the Downloads page. The book is also for sale direct from this site.