QTP Publications

We have recently had some experience with the quality of short-run digital printing offered by mainstream publishers - and the disappointing quality has led us to set up our own imprint, QTP Publications, as a specialised imprint for publishing stereology and related titles.

This imprint will also publish ongoing reprints and editions of Unbiased Stereology - we have completely re-typeset the book and the second edition reprint is from this new typesetting. We are currently preparing material for a 3rd edition which we aim to publish in 2011.

In addition to Unbiased Stereology we have the following titles planned for publication by QTP.

Applied Stereology by M.G. Reed & C.V. Howard scheduled for publication in 2012 by QTP Publications (ISBN 978-0-9565132-2-9). 250 pages of lecture notes and case studies in biological stereology and related data analysis topics. The book includes a detailed and extended description of the our experience of developing and applying practical methods for three-dimensional spatial distribution analysis.

Basic Ideas of 2D quantitation by M.G. Reed & C.V. Howard scheduled for publication in 2013 by QTP Publications (ISBN 978-0-9565132-3-6). 130 pages. This is intended to be an easy to read extended introduction to the basic ideas of geometrical sampling and quantitation rin 2 dimensions - really a 2D analogue of stereology.

Other titles are in the planning stages